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Heating films are usually applied under the panelled floors. This is definitely the easiest and fastest way to install surface heating. The layout diagram of the Felix heating system under panels is shown below.

1 . Concrete layer   |   2. Insulation mat   |   3. Temperature sensor   |   4. Felix heating film   |   5. Vapour barrier foil   |   6. Floor panels

Installation of Felix heating films is very simple. Just prepare the floor properly in the room where the film is to be mounted. If it is already properly clean and smooth, the Felix insulation mat can be placed over the entire surface, ensuring minimisation of possible energy losses. Unfolded strips of the insulation mat should be bonded with self-adhesive tape.
przygotowanie_felix_1   podkład_felix_3
After calculating the energy demand of the room, planning the distribution and unfolding the Felix heating film should be started. When installing the film, keep a minimum distance of 10 cm from the walls and furniture adjacent to the floor with a large surface, e.g. from cabinets or racks. An example of a film deployment plan can be found in the diagram below.
The film is unfolded like a carpet and cut in designated places. Nothing simpler. 
folia_felix_1   folia_felix_3
Then electrical connections can be made. Connections are recommended to be made according to the diagram below.

1. Felix heating film   |   2. Power supply - phase   |   3. Temperature sensor   |   4. Room temperature controller   |   5. Power supply - neutral   |   6. Mains power supply

Electrical connections should be performed by a qualified electrician. At this stage, power cords are attached to the Felix heating films using crocodile clips. The clips are attached with special crimping pliers to the copper strips located on both sides of our heating films.
instalacja_felix_5   instalacja_felix_6   instalacja_felix_8
After making electrical connections, they should be thoroughly insulated with the Felix self-amalgamating tape. The tape is properly cut and attached on both sides of the connection. The film ends on which there are no electrical connections must also be protected. Paths for cables are cut in the insulation mat.
izolacja_felix_2   izolacja_felix_3   izolacja_felix_8

It is necessary to remember to install a floor temperature sensor under the heating film.
czujnik_felix_1    czujnik_felix_2

The final step is connecting power cords and the temperature controller sensor as well as taking measurements and conducting the last inspection of the installation.
termostat_2   pomiar_felix
If the heating film is installed on the substrate exposed to moisture or flooding, the vapour barrierinsulation should be used.  Installation of the Felix heating film is finished. Now the panel floor can be installed.