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FELIX heating films are an innovative system of electric surface heating. The Felix system operates on the principle of the red radiation emission. Thermal energy is accumulated in the matter found in the radiation path. The heating film ensures uniform heat distribution on the entire surface.

The heating element, depending on the film type, is a carbon fibre or graphite-carbon mass. There are conductive copper and silver strips along the film. Heating power of FELIX heating films depends on the amount of the graphite-carbon mass applied onto the film. The whole is coated with a durable film that guarantees protection against moisture and durability of the product. Materials used in production provide resistance to deformation or damage and ensure total safety of use at the same time.
FELIX heating films do not require complicated hydraulic connections. It is an excellent alternative to traditional surface heating systems. This technology guarantees a wide range of applications and ease of installation as well as low investment costs. Unlike heating mats, FELIX films guarantee uniform heating distribution over the entire surface. They can be used as the main source of heating or as a support for other heating sources, increasing thermal comfort of the building.



FELIX heating films are available in various powers and in various power options, which enables their very wide application. The basic and most universal type of the heating film is the EXCEL model, created on the basis of the PET film or transparent film 0.338 mm wide. In EXCEL film, the heating element is graphite-carbon mass applied by printing technique. 



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Another type of heating films in the EXCEL offer are composite OKONDOL heating films with increased resistance, giving the possibility of application in the most demanding conditions, especially on bathroom floors and wherever tiled surfaces are predicted.
In OKONDOL heating films, carbon fibre is the heating element. The film is 0.5 mm thick.